Create your own Degu Toys

Degus love to play about, and by using items around the house you can make toys that will keep them occupied and stimulated, often better than shop bought ones. A little creativity can make you some brilliant toys and keep your pets happy.

Treat Balls

  • Garden Wire
  • Pliers
  • Treats

Using regular garden wire (you can normally get a big roll from Wilko's for less than £1) you can twist into whatever shape you want, whether it be a ball, cube or something abstract, hang from part of your cage and fill with dandelion leaves and pumpkin seeds and watch your pets enjoy! Alternatively get a treat holder ball designed for hamsters or other small pets that release treats when rolled around, just be wary of when it starts being nibbled.


  • Kiln Dried Pine
  • Drill
  • Screws and Wing nuts

Ledges provide places to sit, steps from one platform to another and exercise. Using some kiln dried pine, ensuring it is unvarnished, is not chemically treated and free from any chemicals, drill holes into 2 edges and attach into the sides of your cage for a secure stage for your pets.

Egg Carton Treat hunting

  • Old egg carton
  • bedding
  • treats
  • wire

Take an old egg carton, place treats into the holes and then fill up with bedding. seal closed by wrapping wire around (we discourage using cello tape due to the glue) and watch your pets tear it open to get to the treats inside!

Cardboard tube hide-a-way

  • Toilet role tubes
  • hay
  • wire

Using old toilet roll tubes or any cardboard tubing, shape into a circle (3-5 work well) and seal up, filling with hay. hang from bars with wire and watch your pets break in to grab all the hay out, as well as some hiding inside afterwards

Digging Tunnels

  • a large metal or glass container
  • sawdust
  • treats

Using a large metal container (I used an old £1 money box in the shape of a cylinder you normally find in pound stores) take off the lid ensuring there are no sharp edges and fill with sawdust and treats, and watch your pet dig around to find the treats. Caution, it will get messy!

Burrowing boxes

  • An old fish tank or alternative glass container
  • soil

Fill an old fish tank with soil, packed in but not too tight and place in the corner of the cage, then watch your pet mimic their natural behaviours and build tunnels inside.

Hanging Basket

  • A small hanging basket made of wire

Get a small hanging basket, fill with hay to provide some comfort from the bars and your pets will sit inside, swing and use as a look out point

Drain pipe hide-a-ways

  • unused drain piping
  • wire

Use unused drain pipe to give your pets tunnels to hide and play, or hang it from your cage roof to provide shelter from each other.

Do you have any ideas for Degu toys? please visit our forum or contact us with your suggestions!

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