Why are Degus Great Pets?

Degus make fantastic pets, and for those who are not already familiar with their brilliantness, here's a few reasons why:

  • They are easy to keep
  • There sleeping patterns mean they are awake during the early morning and evening, when you are most likely to be at home, and sleep when you do unlike other pets such as hamsters
  • Degus are intelligent, quick to learn and easy to tame and train
  • Although they look similar, each Degu has their own distinct personality
  • Degus rarely bite, and even when they do its usually an attempt at grooming their owner
  • Degus are fascinating to watch and easy to interact with for people of all ages
  • Degus do not stink out the room, their urine is odourless and stools are hard and easy to clean up

Overall these pets are fascinating creatures that are easy to keep, great to interact with and fun to look after

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