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Has your Pet got the Right Cage?

Written by  Richard
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Your Degus Cage is its home, where it will spend most (if not all) of its life, and needs to be perfectly suited to their needs in order to help them have happy, healthy lives. To be right, the cage need to have:

  • A solid metal base, not wire, to help prevent bumble foot and painful feet
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Loads of space and platforms
  • Loads of room for living space

Degu World has some suggested cages here, but if you can't find the cage your after, you can always build your own!

We provide a guide on the basics on building your own cage, making it to your own requirements as well as your pets to make the perfect home, but in order to get the maximum inspiration, visit this German Website to see some of the best home made cages the internet has to offer!



Richard has kept Degus most of his life and is still learning more every day about these wonderful creatures

Website: www.deguworld.com

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