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From time to time we get e-mails requesting help on different aspects of Degu life. here is a compilation of such questions, so hopefully this information can help others.


To submit a question, please visit the contact us page. Please remember that were are not qualified vets and cannot legally give medical advice, although most websites do, and do not suffer the consequences of trying out guessed medication on some one else's pets. At the first signs of illness take your pet to a qualified vet. No amount of research can compete with a trained professional.


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Cage and Housing

Q. How big should my Degu Cage be?
A. The bigger the cage, the better for your Pets! a general rule of thumb is 100x100x50cm for 2 Degus, doubling for each addition pair.


Q. I don't think I'd be able to look after two Degus at the same time, can I keep just 1?
A. NO! Degus are social creatures, they need company to stay happy and healthy. No amount of human interaction will make up for that.


Q. All I seem to find is wire cages, which most websites say are bad for my Degus, what should i keep them in?
A. Wire cages are perfect for your Degus as long as the base is solid, not mesh. Preferably a glass tank could form the bottom of the cage, but you cannot keep your pets in an all glass tank as this will restrct circulation, as well as shelves and fixtures inside the cage.


Q. Why does my Degu keep biting on the wire in the cage?
A. Degus bite the wire to try and 'expand' their territory, thinking they have a change on getting through. This is normal behaviour, and can sometimes indicate your cage is too small or does not contain enough distractions.



Q. Does my cage need an exercise wheel?
A. In short, YES! Degus need plenty of exercise to stay healthy, of which 99% will come from a wheel. It needs to have a solid base, not the mesh or barred ones you see in pet stores. You can find more information on our Toys and Exercise Page.
If you cannot find a good wheel, we have given instructions on how to make a Metal Wheel in our Create Your Own Range.


Q. Can my Degu be neutered?
A They can, although due to the health problems and risks of putting an small pet under anesthetic, we highly recommend against it, and should only be used as a last resort.



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Degu Relations

Q. My Degus keep fighting! what can I do?
A. Please refer to the fighting guide, and if all else fails, they may have to be separated


Q. One of my Degus died and the other looks very lonely now :( is it possible to introduce a new Degu to the cage?
A. It certainly is! see our new introductions guide for more information. You should never let a Degu live alone, and despite difficulties in introducing new pets, every effort should be made


Q. Does a Degu have to live with other Degus, or can I move it in with one of my other pets?
A. Degus should only live with other Degus, any other living arrangements will result in deadly fights over territory, and incompatibility due to different sleeping patterns, dietary requirements and other factors.



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