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HELP!! Fighting Degus
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TOPIC: HELP!! Fighting Degus

HELP!! Fighting Degus 1 year, 2 months ago #1

I have 2 male degus called Shinobi and Chilli Pepper. I bought them in June from a pet store and were told they were 6 month's old (were also told they were girls but subsequently realised they are boys!). All was fine at first and they got on well, however their behaviour has recently changed. They first started getting very territorial over new toys, wood etc that was introduced to their cage, so I immediatly removed the new things and they were fine. But now Chilli keeps trying to "hump" Shinobi, and they end up constantly chasing each other around the cage and fighting. They havent caused any injuries to each other however I hate to see them like this and its driving me mad. Constant squeeling and yelping!! They seem to get like this late evening and then in the morning are all cuddled up together and seem happy. Any advice??? This is the main hurdle I want to get over but any advice on handling them? Shinobi is very friendly and comes up to the front of the cage, will hop on my hand for food but then runs off. I have tried to stroke him and try to lift my hand when he's on there but he just jumps off. I dont feel comfortable taking them out of the cage until I have more progress with them but dont know how to take it further. Any help would be much appreciated

Re: HELP!! Fighting Degus 1 year, 2 months ago #2

Hello Marie, by the sounds of things your little friends are going through a dominance establishment phase, this behaviour is often shown when establishing the social heirarchy or the submissive challenges the dominant degu for standing. Given time (usually a week, but theoretically it could last a lot longer) it will fade as things get back to 'normal', but it is important to remember not to interfere in the fighting (as long as it remains injury free) as it will only prolong this period.

As for handling, just keep doing what your doing, the Degu become more tamed at its own pace

hope this helps
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Re: HELP!! Fighting Degus 1 year, 2 months ago #3

my pets will try to mount eachother and squabble around mating season, but it all dyes down soon after.

i think for people that arent used to having more than one pet kept together before it can be frightening, but whenever 2 'people' are together 24/7 theres bound to be conflict sometimes
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