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Copied below are our rules for posting messages on this website which is operated by Degu World. We advise all users to read these before posting a message:

1. Post new topics in the correct forum. Topics in the wrong forum will be moved, but this takes up the time of Moderators.

2. Please check that there is no existing thread that relates to what you want to say before posting a new topic. Spreading discussion across different threads is undesirable. Multiple threads and posts will be merged and/or removed. Please do not post multiple times as this takes up the site Moderators' time

3. Shouting (messages in block CAPITALS) is not permitted.

4. Personal abuse of other deguworld.com members is not permitted. If you disagree with what someone else says, say so and use whatever arguments you like to support your views. However, personal attacks only suggest that you cannot support your views in any other way and are not allowed. They will be edited as and when Moderators find such abuse. This is not censorship of your opinions, but a rule designed to ensure that we conduct a friendly debate. Remember - attack the argument and not the person.

5. The laws of libel in the UK are very harsh and legal precedent means that the internet is not immune from the law in this regard. Remember that you can be identified through the information you have supplied when registering and from the IP address associated with each posting. You are liable for what you post. If the Moderators of the board feel that what you have posted is potentially libellous or defamatory, they will edit the post. Please do not expose the board to this risk. The views posted on this forum do not necessarily reflect the views of deguworld or Moderators.

6. Do not put false email addresses in your registration details/profiles. If you don't want your email address to be public knowledge, you can hide it in your profile. Providing a false address is not allowed.

7. Pornographic, racist, sexist, sectarian, homophobic, threatening, harassing or obscene messages and/or images are not permitted and will be deleted. The deguworld site is used by people of all ages so swearing in posts will not be tolerated. This includes using spaces or special characters to by-pass the site swear filters.

8. Private messages are private and we do not permit users to reproduce the content of private messages on the public forum. If you wish to complain about an abusive private message please contact webmaster@deguworld.com

9. Details that we hold about you may be released to whomever we may be required to do so by law.

10. Do not post material that infringes on any intellectual property rights (e.g., copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary rights). Advertising is not allowed on the forum. To discuss advertising on deguworld.com please contact webmaster@deguworld.com

11. Repeated infringements of this Code of Conduct will result in your posting rights being suspended or withdrawn.

12. You are being allowed to visit and use this website by permission of deguworld and Moderators. Use of the forum is a privilege and not a right because deguworld is not a public service. The forum owner's and moderators' decisions are final on any and all matters including reserving the right to delete posts and/or refuse entry to this website. The forum owner and moderators do not condone all views posted on this forum.

Deguworld is a community website, operated by a group of degu lovers for the benefit of others. Views expressed in the forum are those of the individual contributors.

The admin team operate on a part-time, voluntary basis and the forum is NOT constantly monitored. If you have any concerns about a message or member please report it. The team will consider your message at the first possible opportunity and take appropriate action.

Deguworld accepts no liability for temporary appearance of specific posts pending notification of objection/complaint and for a reasonable time in considering and removal of same.

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