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A Degu posing in a glass Degu World.com was created by a team of Degu lovers who wanted other pet enthusiasts to treat their animals with the care, attention and knowledge they deserve. Having bought up a range of species of animals both small and large, I found Degus to be one of the most intelligent, inquisitive species I have come across. With the lack of a comprehensive, professional site about Degu care, and all other websites being made by hobbie websites lacking the correct information, pretending to be vets or researchers when upon asking they are actually 16 year olds using some free web space with no real knowledge of the species, Degu World.com was born to provide information, knowledge, and a community for Degu lovers around the world. With constantly updated information as when it is made available, Degu World hopes to be a key resource for owners of these brilliant pets. I hope you enjoy this site as much as we have enjoyed making it. If you would like to contribute to the website please send us an e-mail with suggestions.

Proud Adopter of Naboo and Bollo
Creator of Degu World.com

All pictures have been sourced through my own photography, donated images by our users or off open source public resources such as Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License and Flickr via a Creative Commons License. If you feel an image of yours features on this site which has been wrongly submitted to us or sourced on the wrong license, which allows for use by web publishers of non-commercial websites like www.deguworld.com to use, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you.

All content has been sourced from my own knowledge and observations with my own pets, research via internet sites, books, research articles, interaction with vets, pet shops and other Degu owners. Some information which has been trusted to be true from trusted sources may be lacking detail or contain inadvertent errors. If you feel some content has been added in error or is incorrect please inform us.

We are not vets and do not claim to be, and do not provide any medical advice that can not freely be found in the public domain. Any websites which do that are not created/ run by a qualified vet are putting your pets at risk with very word they type. Would you ask a random person in the street to diagnose your child?

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