My Degus

This is the page where I introduce you to my Degus!

I currently have 2 male Degus, named after the characters in the UK television show The Mighty Boosh (a theme among all my pets), Naboo and Bollo

My two Degus

01Naboo is the more active, inquisitive and dominant of the 2 Degus, who spends less time eating and more time exploring and exercising, especially when the cage door opens. Within a few seconds he will be out of the door, looking for a new place to explore. He is also the Degu more likely to be found on the wheel during the daytime, either sharing it with his brother or running alone for long periods of time, especially when everyone else in the house is trying to sleep!

02Bollo is the submissive of the 2, slightly larger and more interested in food than anything else, often hiding treats from Naboo and sitting in the treat bowl covering the dandelion leaves or herbs so Naboo can't get at them, although after a little squabble they are normally back sharing again. Bollo likes to use the wheel during the early hours after Naboo has had his fill, not fun while I'm trying to sleep, and loves to sit and nibble on the branches at the bottom of the cage used to access the higher levels. Bollo has a cataract in one eye, probably due to its greedy eating habits (and possibly due to treating them to peanuts too often), although he shows no discomfort due to it. He is not as outgoing as Naboo, and tends to take one step at a time, searching everywhere around him before taking the next step into unknown lands. He likes to site and nibble at his food, taking his time, rather than rushing like Naboo does.

Both love pumpkin seeds and willow sticks, go crazy for dust baths, and enjoy to sleep cuddling up, often in a different place every night/day!

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