Wooden Exercise Wheel

This low-noise wooden exercise wheel from Wonderland is a great upgrade for any small pet´s home. Not just hamsters but many other small pets are also bustling creatures with a desire to be active. Restrictions in cage and shelter often make it difficult to fully live up to their drive to run about. It is important to provide them with opportunities to do this with an exercise wheel which both is suitable and safe. The Wonderland exercise wheel is made from untreated wood. It offers safety through staves in the wheel which reduce the risk of accidents from slipping. The wide wooden stand enables a stable positioning on the floor of your cage or run. It also runs particularly quietly so that owners of nocturnal pets will no longer be disturbed in their sleep. The Wonderland wooden exercise wheel is a real fitness tool which provides optimal support for your pet´s natural drive to be active.



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Sunday, 07 August 2011