Demavic Bathing Dust

Demavic Bathing Dust is natural quartz sand just as your pet loves it! Pour a generous layer of chinchilla bathing dust into a flat bowl and let your pet sniff dig bury and play. About ten minutes every day will keep its coat clean smooth and healthy. Demavic Bathing Dust is also great for gerbils and dwarf hamsters. Pet bathing dust by Laboratoire Demavic will ensure your chinchilla´s or Degu´s hygiene. It provides balanced skin protection reduces sebum creation and helps to reduce stress levels Contents fine sepiolite clay dust-free reduces sebum creation sulphur powder for skin protection thyme extracts for protection from bug infection Notes on use Place approx. 100 g bathing dust in a bowl. Provide access to the bowl for about 30 minutes each day. The same sand may be used up to 10 times without losing its properties. Change the sand entirely after ten days.



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Sunday, 07 August 2011